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  1. Enjoyed the one on waking up from a stupor that Joe put on FB. I go to Emmaus. Your article has blessed many today as I sent out and they are sending out too. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks Brian, I appreciate your comments and support. I respect your insights as well. My heart’s desire is to always write what the Lord gives me to share with His precious people. God bless you!

  2. Hello, Janie. I came upon your blog quite by ‘accident’ and so glad I did! Looking forward to reading through the archives as time allows. Although not professionally trained, I love writing insights on: life, family, everyday matters, humor & whimsy etc. but above all…matters of Faith. Thanks for sharing your considerable gift with others!

    1. Hi Faith, I’m excited that you found and liked my blog. I share your desire to write about the ins and outs of life, family, and especially our faith in an awesome God. I’m not professionally trained either, but did take a two-year writing course through the Jerry B. Jenkins writer’s guild. It is very worthwhile. What I enjoy most however, is allowing God to speak to me and then help me process His words of love, faith, encouragement, and hope in a manner that will bless others. I expect that you have that desire as well. Just remember to keep on following your desire to write for Him, and reject the voices of discouragement and defeat. They are many and they are loud, but the still small voice of the Holy Spirit is the One we must hear above all else.

      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement for me. If you haven’t found my three short stories on my blog, they are perhaps my favorites of all my writing. (Look in the Short Stories Category) I’m somewhat heading in the direction of writing more real stories about real people who loved Jesus. Blessings to you as you begin your journey. Thanks again for commenting!



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