Get Up and Out of That Stupor

It just dawned on me that I have been in a stupor. Know what that means? A stupor is a state in which the mind and senses are partially or completely dulled—a state of apathy. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Well it is. It is the condition I find myself in over the state of our nation and the perplexing problems that have our political leaders baffled. There’s our failing economy, our growing debt, our stressed relationships around the world, the turmoil within our own borders, not to mention the price of gasoline. Since it’s too depressing to think about, I find myself wanting to bury my head in the sand.


Even closer to home is the fact that I have also been lulled into a stupor by sin’s consequences on my spiritual well-being. For years my besetting sins have lured me into thinking I will never conquer them. I have become lazy in my worship and seeking the face of God. Busy-work compels me to get-er-done rather than spending time in prayer. Complacency has hypnotized me into believing I will never be what God wants me to be. I have failed so many times, and now I feel that I am too old to be of any use to God whatsoever. All opportunities have slipped through my hands. Besides, I will never be able to stay in close relationship with God, so why try. I have lost so many battles that I nearly concede that I have lost the war.


But wait a minute! Is this not the Easter season? Is this not what Christ’s resurrection is all about—raising people from the dead? Those who are dead in trespasses and sin? Those who have given in and given up on ever being free from Satan’s cruel grasp upon their lives? Those whose hope has taken a leave of absence?


The message of Easter is one of hope because Jesus overcame death, hell, and the grave! All of us were once dead in our sins, dwelling in a living hell, and bound by grave clothes. Satan wants to keep us there as long as he can, and if we ever get free, he will work diligently to bring us back to that same place. Those of us who find ourselves in bondage to Satan’s tricks and lies over and over must take the first step to rise up out of our stupor and move toward the Living Savior. We must refuse to live a defeated life. Just as we took that very first step to accept Christ as Savior-Redeemer, we must take many more steps toward Him as our Rescuer-Restorer. It is an on-going lifetime process of being rescued from Satan’s attempts to pull us back into his grasp. Jesus has plainly said that no one can snatch us out of His Father’s hand! (John 10:29)


You and I are worth something to God! After all, He paid a very high price for us. He is waiting for you and me to cry out to Him. It’s time to hear the Savior calling us to get up and out of that stupor. He has given us power over all the forces of the enemy, but if we do not claim that power it will do us no good. How do we claim that power? We have to turn on the engine of our faith through time with God—prayer, praise, worship and intimate fellowship with Him. It matters not how much horsepower is under the hood of our car unless we start the engine!


God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). The only thing we can agree with Satan on is that we are nothing, worthless, and of no use to God, except for the fact that we have been resurrected to a new life in Christ Jesus. It is no longer you and I that live, but Christ who lives in us! Remember, this Resurrected Christ who now lives in us didn’t lose the battle or the war. Next time, we will talk about having our own personal resurrection. It’s not too late! ~Janie Kellogg

3 thoughts on “Get Up and Out of That Stupor”

  1. This paper really hit home with me. I have been laboring with some serious things and praying almost continually with no sense of peace and rest. I know that I must press into peace in Jesus. I feel that it is a trial that will try me and refine me but I am experiencing little relief. I know everything I need is in Jesus. I intend to persevere to victory. I need maturity and I think this suffering may be the “road”.

  2. Nothing good comes from agreeing with Satan. God says that in Christ I am…
    Dead to sin. Rom 6:11
    Precious in his sight Isaiah 43:4
    Chosen by God. 1 Peter 2:9
    Holy and blameless. Eph. 1:4 col 1:2
    Perfect and complete. Col 2:10 heb. 10:14
    A saint Eph 1:1
    Of great value and worth Matt 10:30-31 1 Peter 1:18-19
    A new creation 2 Cor 5:17. Eph 4:22-24
    God”s child. John 1:12
    And many more.
    Choose to believe you are who Christ says you are. We are new. We need to live out of who we are now. Not of what we were. Satan is the father of lies and wouldn’t want us to live out of these truths. Just trying to send you this response has been met with spiritual attack.

    Liking your blog. Thank you.

  3. Very good !! I agree, the battle with the world the flesh and the devil is where we live.
    If we lay down and take up and walk in the spirit. We can win that battle provided we are diligent to fight continually. Praising and praying for Gods perfect will in our life continually will surely effect victory
    Jesus is wonderful. He is sufficient.
    He will careful to keep every promise.
    I love him. I literally trust Him in all things
    I want to please Him. I want to turn away from
    self and the world, pride and approval of man
    Again I really liked the paper. Love you

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