Helpful Hints for getting around in Treasure in Earthen Vessels ~

The Home page opens when you log on to This is where the weekly postings made by Janie Kellogg will appear, with the latest posting being at the top.

There are five blue tabs at the top right side of the page: Welcome, Resources, About, Contact, and Help. A left click on any tab will take you to that page. To return to the Home page from any of the tabs, click on the “Return to Homepage” button in the top green section.

The Welcome tab gives a brief story behind the name of the blog and why it was created.

The Resource tab is a place to find books and writings by other authors that are recommended reading or quoted in postings.

The About tab is a short autobiography of Janie Kellogg, author of this blog.

The Contact tab is a place to leave comments or read comments posted by other readers of the blog. Comments can also be made using the Leave a Comment found at the end of each posting. Initially, the comments will remain confidential as well as any replies to those comments. However, if a comment seems to be of significant benefit to others, it will be posted on the blog for everyone to read.

Along the right side of any page on the blog you will find these sections located in the green boxes:

Subscribe ~if you are interested in following the blog, you can enter your email address in the subscribe section. Then click on the subscribe button, and you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. If you do not reply to the email quickly, it will expire and you will have to go through the process again. As a subscriber, you will receive a notification in your email inbox when weekly posts are made. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Recent Posts ~ highlights the titles of the most recently posted writings.

The next three sections are for help in researching the blog:

Search ~ allows you to search the entire blog for words, titles of writings, etc.

Archives ~ gives a list of writings by month/year.

Categories ~ blog writings are assigned to a category based on their content. These categories will group together all the writings on a particular subject. The list of categories will grow as more postings are made.

To return to the Home page, click on “Return to Homepage” in the top green section.

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