In the beginning God made the world, and said that it was good.

All things worked in perfect order, just as He knew it would.

To be sure His creation was complete, God looked all around.

But in all that He had made for man, a helper was not found.



God decides to make a helpmate, who’ll be the Mother of mankind.

He’ll create her with rare qualities, like jewels hard to find.

Loving-kindness will crown this woman, which so carefully He will make.

He knows that He must make her strong, for the times her heart will break.



This woman will wear many different hats; be everything to everyone.

She’ll tenderly care for her family, from the time her day’s begun.

Her role will be an unselfish one, as she gives herself to others.

But then that is what God expects, of those He will call Mothers.



Bearing children will be her greatest task—carry a body inside her own.

Yet God will give her sacrificial love, which comes from Him alone.

She will rock a crying child to sleep, and dry each tiny tear.

She’ll know how to comfort a little one, whose heart is filled with fear.



Her gentle kiss will soothe the hurts, and help to make them well.

She’ll bake them homemade cookies, and bedtime stories tell.

At night she’ll tuck each child in bed, and teach them how to pray.

And tell them of God’s perfect love, so they will never stray.



The family chauffeur she will become; between siblings, a referee.

She’ll be asked to help with homework, when she is too tired to see.

With nightlight on she’ll be waiting up, as her teenagers start to date.

And prayer will become her closest friend, when they stay out too late.



She will help her children to succeed, as she gives to them her best.

With pride she’ll stand to cheer them on, as each one leaves the nest.

They’ll grow up and call her blessed, and this will be rightly so.

She’ll have given them great values; taught them most all they know.



This special creation that God did make, has blessed the entire earth.

For nothing else that He created, compares to a Mother’s worth.

Her qualities are unsurpassed—her patience, her love, her smile.

So in His vast eternal wisdom, God gives a Mother to every child.  ~Janie Kellogg

One thought on “Mothers”

  1. Very beautifully written! Enjoyed another treasure of your giftedness from God! Thanks and Happy Mothers Day to you my love!

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