My One Political Paper of the Year

(It is an election year, so why not? At least one political paper should be expected from most any writer. So here it is—my one political paper of the year. I apologize for its length, but I got on a roll and could not help myself. Whatever you do, don’t miss reading this one and sharing it with a friend. I promise you will be blessed!)


For months, I have been watching all (and I do mean all) of the news coverage on the 2012 Presidential election. I came through the two national conventions with my sanity somewhat intact, but shortly thereafter, I began a downward spiral. I found myself sick at my stomach, my nerves on edge, and my head pounding. I was mad at everyone who had anything to do with the mess our nation is in. I continued to rant and rave, wondering why other people don’t think the way I do. It was beyond my comprehension why all Americans cannot see our over-the-cliff and down-the-slippery-slope demise. And furthermore, the non-stop-over-the-top accusations that filled the airwaves were enough to throw me into hysteria.


Finally, I realized that I had worked myself into a tizzy, and knew that I probably could not physically, mentally, or emotionally endure another two months of the dirtiest political campaign in history. It clearly was time for a change, so I called on God for divine direction to guide my out-of-control thinking.


In the next few days, it came to me from several directions that in order to survive this election and its results, I must keep my eyes on Jesus. I cannot look to the right or the left, but only look up. I must not focus on circumstances, but on God, His power, and His promises. Isaiah 26:3 says “You will keep him (her) in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he (she) trusts in You.” Anything less will cause me great distress.


In trying to keep my eyes on Jesus, I found myself crying out “Lord, help me do this! How can I stay focused on Jesus with the noise of the world blaring around me?” The Apostle Paul gave some good advice in 2 Corinthians 10:5 “Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” To me this means that I should carefully review all thoughts, words, ideals and actions in the light of God’s Word, and reject the ones that don’t pass the test. Clearly, I had some practicing to do.


As the week progressed, I spent more time in prayer and in God’s Word, and I replaced news programs with Christian programming. I slowly began casting down some of the heated political arguments of the day with principles from God’s Word. Instead of allowing troublesome current events to exalt their importance, I began to declare God’s preeminence over all things. I gradually realized that a new perspective was emerging in my mind and in my spirit. I had turned a corner.


Today I openly confess that I belong to another kingdom, not a kingdom of this world. It is a heavenly kingdom whose ruler is King Jesus, and the government squarely rests on His shoulder. His kingdom is not in disarray; it is not confused, divided, or in debt. The economy there is booming, particularly the housing industry as a large influx of new citizens is expected to arrive any day. Unemployment is non-existent; everyone is in the employment of the King. Because of the King’s priority to provide for the greatest citizens in the kingdom first—the multiplied millions of babies and children—the job market is saturated with well-paying, rewarding jobs to nurture and train them. There are no illegal immigration problems since there is only one Door into the entire kingdom, and no one is allowed to enter unless their name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. There is no lack of food or water, as the Bread of Life is plenteous and Living Water flows freely. There is no sickness or disease, therefore no one cares what’s in the healthcare bill. There is no IRS, ICE, DHR, DOL, DEQ, or EPA. Because no one grows old and retires, there is no need for Social Security, 401K’s and IRA’s. Death and sorrow are unheard of, and no gravestones mark the hillsides as the residents live forever. Neither are there any prisons since everyone has been declared not guilty and set free, making the DOC, DOJ, CIA and FBI completely unnecessary. The Supreme Court is unequivocally supreme having only one Judge. Enemies are no threat to King Jesus; rather they serve as His footstool. Peace permeates throughout that kingdom because the Prince of Peace resides there. Oh, the best part of all is that there are no term limits. Christ shall reign forever more and of His kingdom there shall be no end.


It is true! “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard…. what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:9). This kingdom is more wonderful than my mind can conceive and my heart can believe, mostly because I am still locked into this earthly form. In the limited state I am currently in, I can only imagine!


So, dear Christian brothers and sisters, it is time to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, the One to whose kingdom we belong. We have nothing to be depressed about or afraid of. Unlike earthly rulers, King Jesus always makes good on His promises. His record is impeccable! The best use of our short time left on earth is to focus on our next step. It is, in fact, time for us to prepare ourselves for the transition, help as many others to prepare as we possibly can, and then look up for our redemption is drawing very near (Luke 21:28). ~ Janie Kellogg

2 thoughts on “My One Political Paper of the Year”

  1. Thank you Janie for once more putting it all in perspective-that we are of another kingdom and God is in control. It encourages me to look at Him and not at the mess we are in, trusting in God for the outcome.

  2. Janie, this is an exceptional article that God anointed you with and one that I KNOW many will need to read this. I am going to be sending this one out to my friends and family. Thank you so much! So thankful that our paths crossed thru Joe because you have blessed me so much thru your writings. God has so gifted you and I know you have no idea at how much He has. Thank you for all the time you give. I sooooo needed this one!!! I love you the mosterest! Have a blessed day!!! Carla Young

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