Take a Look at Dad ~

    “What is God like?” I asked—a question I long have had.

    God’s answer was a simple one: “Just take a look at Dad.”


    God made Dad in His image; their qualities are the same.

    Both have given life to me; both have given me their name.


    Dad took the time to talk to me; he was always there.

    Just like my Heavenly Father, when I go to Him in prayer.


    Dad provided for my earthly needs, whether big or small.

    When God’s eye is on the sparrow—not one of them can fall.


    Dad stood as my protector; he shielded me from harm.

    While God keeps His children safe, in the shelter of His Arm.


    Dad’s voice was sure and strong, yet as gentle as can be.

    Reminds me of that still small voice, when God speaks to me.


    My Dad showed me how to live; and he taught me to obey.

    Much like God’s Word that leads me, to the truth, the life, the way.


    Dad provided me an earthly home, a shelter from the cold.

    God promised me a heavenly one, on streets of purest gold.


    Dad is leaving me an inheritance; in his earthly wealth I’ll share.

    Like the riches of God’s Kingdom, of which I am an heir.


    Dad loves me with a Father’s love, no matter what I’ve done.

    And God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Son.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads on earth and in heaven. We love you ~ Janie

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