Connecting Dots

I’m a relentless dot-connector. I simply love to connect dots—or better said, I like for things to add up, make sense, and complete the picture. If you have joined me in this dot-connecting journey I am on, perhaps you’ve gotten tired of all the writings on goals. I have. But my goal has been to lay a foundation for sharing with you the insights God has given to me, so together we can—you guessed it—connect some dots!


Along with being a dot-connector, I am a God-seeker. I love Psalm 63:8 that says: “My soul followeth hard after Thee.” I want to follow after God hard. From an early age, I have searched for Him, becoming a student of the Word as well as a reader of many Christian books. To my surprise, the Holy Spirit recently led me to study the saints from a century ago. As I read about the great men and women of faith from that generation, I discovered they all had something in common—a deep walk with God resulting from close communion with Jesus’ representative, the Holy Spirit. I also have found that they were relentless in their obedience to His voice. They sold all, gave all, and actually followed Jesus’ examples. (Many of these books are listed under the Resources tab on my website.)


For some reason, I see a “dot-disconnect” between the lives of modern-day Christians (mainly mine) and the disciples who literally walked on earth with Jesus, who were a part of the first Church, and who lived a century ago. I have searched high and low, wondering what I am missing. What part of “follow” don’t I understand? I listen to today’s popular messages on finding my destiny, fulfilling my dreams, being all that I can be, and feel that they lean more toward an advertisement for the American way of life than being a follower of Christ. The Word of God says to be a partaker of His suffering, take up my cross, and die daily. Do you see the disconnect I see?


As a dot-connector, I continue to seek for the missing link to what Jesus taught and what we as modern-day believers have actually experienced. I believe that God is slowly but surely opening my understanding. A clearer meaning of the gospel is steadily dawning upon my soul. It comes in tidbits and pieces, maybe through the words of a song, or a sermon here and there, and definitely from the books I read. I am embarrassed to say that at times I have missed it and unknowingly embraced the wrong ideas; yet I have always, always had a yearning in my heart to know the deep things of God.


In no way can I say that I have arrived anywhere, except to be closer today than I was yesterday. But it is an extraordinary journey that I am on, and you too, if you choose to come along with me. As God’s children, we possess a priceless treasure in these earthen vessels, and I am gradually learning to uncover that treasure, to dig it out from beneath the rocks and soil of earthly thinking that hide it from my understanding.


Next week I will post on my blog my very first short story titled “The House Guest.” I believe the Lord gave me this story to open my understanding to the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer. I will refer to it many times in upcoming blog posts. Please don’t miss it! ~ Janie Kellogg

8 thoughts on “Connecting Dots”

  1. Janie, Thanks again for the “Connecting the Dots”. I am looking forward to next week’s blog about “The House Guest”. Thank you for speaking to us what God says to you.

    1. Thank you, Lavona, for you on-going support of my blog. I take seriously those who have confidence in my writings, and it is my heart’s desire to never disappoint you. I too look forward to posting my first short story!

  2. I don’t know if it was just my experience, but it seems as if Baptists don’t emphasize the ongoing work/indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Has this been your experience, too?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Julie. I’m afraid that many groups have overlooked or left out the importance of the indwelling Holy Spirit, much to our misfortune. It could be this very thing that has resulted in a near powerless church with little influence in an increasingly secular society. I am confident that we will need our Helper greatly in the days ahead.

  3. Hi Janie, I just love to read as you write ‘your heart’. I recently heard of a comment made by a minister of the gospel from Kenya, following his first visit to the USA. He was perplexed to see how generous God had seemed to be to we Americans–lifestyles of more than enough, even on our poorest levels, when compared to the lifestyles of his fellow Kenyans. After seeking and waiting on God for an answer, it came as follows: when You have God, you have everything. Could that be a dot we have failed to connect?!?!
    Blessings, Kathy Dopp

    1. Kathy, thanks for the great insight! I totally agree that “when you have God, you have everything.” I’m just not sure that us overly-blessed Americans have a clear idea of what “everything” is. Sometimes I fear that we may be the church of the Laodiceans described in Revelation 3:14-19, who said they were rich and had need of nothing, yet Jesus’ evaluation of them was quite different. We have centainly been the most blessed nation on earth, and my prayer is that we are blessed with the riches of heaven and not the riches of the world. They could be two very different things. But then, I’m still looking for dots! I love getting the perspective of others, so thanks again for commenting.

  4. I hope I have connected sucessfully so I can respond on your blog. I am convinced you are a channel God uses to reach out to all who read your writings . I need to hear the thoughts which God inspires you to write.
    I too want to draw near to Jesus and experience His love and greatness
    Thank You. Jim

    1. Thanks, Uncle Jim, for your comments on my blog. My heart’s desire is to listen closely to the Lord and share with His children those things He gives to me. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

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