Why Is the Secret Place so Secret?

If the secret place is a special space where God meets with His children and He actually desires that they find it, why it is such a big secret?

Great question! I may not have all of the answer, but I do have some of it. We serve a holy God, who is surrounded by holy, glorious beings that worship Him day and night—because of His holiness! Actually, He is so holy that any being that comes into His Presence tainted with sin and corruption will die. It was so with the High Priest of old when they entered the Most Holy Place once a year. If they went in without proper preparation, they didn’t come out alive.1

Think about it—unholy beings are literally in danger if they enter the Presence of God unprepared. It is for our very own protection that the secret place, that special abode of the most High, is hidden from the masses of sinful humanity.

Isn’t that just like God—always, always, always looking after His creation in order to give them His very best? Sounds a lot like a kind and loving earthly Daddy! If we only understood the kind and loving nature of our Father God, who loves us enough to give His beloved Son to die in our place, we might actually get it.

Thankfully, entrance to the secret place is reserved for those who come with prepared hearts. And we shouldn’t let that deter us from seeking to find and enter it, for it is a place of great blessing and comfort. It is available to all born-again believers—when we are willing to come on God’s terms. Anything less is not in our best interest. ~ Janie Kellogg

Small footprintKey Concept: The secret place is reserved for those who come with prepared hearts.

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1Leviticus 16:1-4

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