The Delightful Daughter ~ A Tribute to Tracey Lynn Everett

We all have people who’ve touched our lives—parents, soulmates, children, grandchildren, friends—and then there are those people who’ve touched our world. Tracey Lynn Everett was one of those.

She was the oldest child of Gary and Shelia Everett, my precious lifelong friends. Her two younger brothers, Brian and Bradley, mirrored my two sons, Brian and Brent, in many ways. The four B’s were almost exact in age, likes and dislikes, and not to mention, partners-in-mischief. Tracey, being the older sister/friend, brought some sanity and calmness to our times together.

Tracey was one of those teenagers who never went astray. You could say she was the model child, the obedient child, the sensible child, the studious child, the perfectly-mannered child, the loving child, and the respectful child. You know what I mean—the good child.

While I have listed many traits to describe Tracey’s character, there is yet another, and perhaps the one most remembered by those who knew her. She was the delightful child. Wherever Tracey was, there was delight—joyful, cheerful, exuberant and overflowing delightfulness!

She brought smiles to the faces of little children, a sense of warmth and belonging to her friends, family, and co-workers; and yes, she brought delight to her parents, teachers, ORU college professors, and those for whom she worked.

Tracey never married, and some might say it was because she didn’t find her soulmate. I reject that idea altogether. I believe Tracey totally found her soulmate—He was also her Savior and Lord, her Best Friend, and her closest Confidant. His name is Jesus, and she loved Him with all she had. She not only sang about Him as the Lover of her soul, she sang to Him in passionate praise and worship.

When Tracey was taken from this earth, some would think her life was cut short, her God had failed her, and we are left with only heart-wrenching sadness. They would bemoan the fact that forty-six years just wasn’t enough. I reject those ideas as well.

I believe that Tracey’s Soulmate left her on earth for as long as He could bear to be apart from her. He was confident that forty-six years was plenty of time to be with her family and friends this side of eternity; and knowing exactly what He was doing, He sent his most-trusted angels to carry her to His side.

It is true that we are left with great sorrow over our loss, an emptiness that words cannot express, and grief that only time can attempt to heal. But our loss is His gain. With that in mind, I would like to turn your attention away from our sadness to another scene, one just as real as our broken hearts.

It is a scene in Heaven. Jesus is there. The Disciples are there. The Patriarchs are there. The Heroes of faith are there. The renowned saints who blazed the trail before us, along with the countless saints whose names we’ve never heard, are all there. Our loved ones—grandparents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, perhaps even children—who’ve gone ahead of us are there. And now, a place that we thought could not get any brighter is brighter still—because Tracey Lynn is there too.

I believe our sadness is countered by the delight on the face of our Savior. At last, His Beloved is by His side. She is home. She is with Him. How can sadness exist there? It can’t, and we can pray for the same on earth. No sadness here either—for if our Lord is happy, we must be also.

It is often said of departing saints that upon arriving in Heaven they will hear these comforting words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”1 But if you would indulge me a little writer’s privilege, I am almost certain that Tracey heard different words as she entered there on January 12, 2015. Picture her crossing over the portals of Heaven and dancing past those pearly gates as these words resounded throughout that glorious place: “Well done, good and delightful daughter!”

And a delightful daughter she was to Gary and Shelia, and also to our Heavenly Father. So, our beloved Tracey, although we miss you dearly, we simply must chime in with the greatest invitation ever to fall on human ears: “Enter into the joy of your Lord.” ~Janie Kellogg

1Matthew 25:23

9 thoughts on “The Delightful Daughter ~ A Tribute to Tracey Lynn Everett”

  1. Janie, those are the most beautiful words you have shared about Tracey. She was all that and much more. She touched so many lives and her sweet spirit has been an influence to many. I loved her like a daughter, because she and our daughter were only 15 months apart. Gary and Shelia were so blessed to have her as their precious daughter. Thank you for sharing this. I will make a copy and take to Shelia. Love you, Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda, for the kind comments. I’m sorry I didn’t see you at Family night. It was amazing, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She truly was a remarkable girl. Thanks for taking a copy to Shelia. Love you too ~

  2. Just absolutely lovely Janie! I can know what a wonderful person she was from your words! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That was so so beautiful! I don’t know her but I do and I’m crying just from reading this. One of the young couples that was in the class we helped with a few years ago, are in a nightmare as they wait for God to perform a miracle or for God to take her home. She is 5 and got sick with step and then came down with the flu and then had to be taken by ambulance as she spiked to a 107 temp. They are certain she is 90% sure she is brain dead. This brought so much comfort to my heart! And will save it along with all your others in the folder. Will use it to send to others in the future when they go thru loss. Thank you for always ministering to me! I’m fasting from FB and chocolate as I search for God to direct and to restore my soul. I have been spending 4-8 hrs a day reading His Word and praying. It has been the best 20 days of my life! I needed to be healed from all the pain of what took place at my church. I finally know where I am to be! You helped me so much and I’m thankful for the time you spent with me on FB. Private messaging me. I have cried every for 2 years and I haven’t cried since Dec 29! Only happy tears… God is so good to me. I have finally been able to forgive the lady who told untrue things about me. And after I resigned, she resigned a year later and left it in such a mess. Our oldest son is still the youth minister there and our youngest son is at a church now in a church that is only 2 min away. They need such help as they are so small. I am really going to miss the blended worship from Emmaus. But I look forward to being able to serve again in preschool where there is such a great need! I know if God has called me then He will call my husband. There was just so much pain in my heart from that awful experience. And I’m glad I have waited to hear from God to know His plans for my life. I have had many health problems but my word for 2015 is arise! I know God will allow me to do that. Whether it is physically in death or emotionally, mentally and spiritually! I so love your writings! You always speak volumes to my heart and soul! Bless you dear Janie!

    Love you the MOSTEREST! Rom 12:1-2 Carla Young


    1. Thank you, Miss Carla, for the kind words and also for the update on your situation. I am so thankful God has brought you through your trial and to this point. We don’t always understand His reasons, but we can always trust His methods. You will be stronger and ready to serve wherever He places you. My heart rejoices with you. I am saddened by the events happening to the 5 year old, but our God has all these things in His hands. We can believe and know that His hands are capable, and whatever He allows will ultimately be for His glory. I will pray with you and this family for His kind and loving answer to come soon. Blessings to you and yours. It was good to hear from you—it’s been awhile. Love you sweet friend ~

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