I’m Fed Up! If there is an action plan for Christians, I want to know what it is

Weary, tired out, worn down, and fed up! That’s me. I can no longer watch the political hullabaloo being paraded before my eyes and ears by the news media. I’m done! Plain. Simple. Done.

I have been collecting my thoughts lately about how I should face the dire predicament in which our nation finds itself—you know, from a personal perspective. I recently determined to read as many articles and social media posts written by men and women of God and people of integrity as time allows. I prefer not to buy into conspiracy theories or doom day rhetoric, and my deepest desire is to know what God has to say to my heart. If there is such a thing as an action plan for Christians, I want it to know what it is.

Our frustration with America’s problems has reached a boiling point, and it is that frustration that fuels our anger. We can see that our elected politicians are not capable, or perhaps willing, to fix any of those problems, so our goal is to repair everything in the November 2016 election. You know—let’s make America great again. But our hope for a change for the better is being vested in a man or a woman—the one we feel has the wisdom, courage and stamina to take on this huge task. Unfortunately, as the struggle to find the right person continues, our hope diminishes day by day.

Pastor Andy Stanley from Atlanta, Georgia said, “We are looking to men to solve a spiritual problem.” Light bulb time! Of course, we are. And none of them, I repeat not one of them, can fix America’s spiritual bankruptcy. It began many years ago and has elevated to alarming proportions, in spite of the warnings given us by God.

As I have turned my attention to what God has to say rather than what the national media has to say, I have come to a conclusion. There is only one answer to our problem: God’s people must actually do what He says to do:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

There it is—the remedy for our spiritual sickness. As a nation we have turned away from God; we have broken His laws; we have laughed in His face; and we snubbed our noses at Him. Our sins wreck to high heaven. We need to repent for our nation, and God has promised that if we will do that, then He will hear and heal.

A few days ago Franklin Graham said that God isn’t looking for the masses to call upon Him, but for His chosen people to call. And it doesn’t take a great number of people to move the hand of God—it takes some who do what He said to do. Are you willing to be of them? Am I?

I plan to attend the Decision America Tour in Oklahoma City on April 27th when Franklin Graham gathers with Oklahomans at our State Capitol at 12:00 noon to pray for America. It’s a call to prayer, and I believe it is a big step in the right direction.

What if, over the course of the next six months that instead of watching the news, we use our time to bombard heaven on behalf of our nation? Imagine how powerful that could be if all of those who bear His name would do the same.

I believe that together we can do more. I also believe it is our only chance for survival. ~ Janie Kellogg

Small footprintKey Quote: “God will make a way, where there seems to be no way.” ~ Don Moen

6 thoughts on “I’m Fed Up! If there is an action plan for Christians, I want to know what it is”

  1. I’ve been thinking lately that God may be ready to allow our country to fall. It may be the only way that he can bring in his kingdom. Regardless of what happens to our country and how it appears, we must maintain our hope in God, not easy to do as we watch everything crumbling around us. He is truly in charge. May his will be done.

    1. I have been thinking much the same thing. He has been so merciful to us thus far. Have really been compelled toward prayer for souls, as I think many Christians are. Thank you for your comment. It always encourages me. God Bless!


      1. And I always get a lot out of your posts. Thank you! We can’t see things the way God sees them. Sometimes I wish I could, but I guess that would take all the faith out of this adventurous journey.

  2. It does seem like the whole world is “suddenly” crumbling before our eyes… Very exciting to think we’re living in the end times! Yet it is perplexing, since no one knows how long God will allow things to spiral downward. Difficult to live like it’s our last moment, while planning for the future :-/
    Here in Canada, I stopped listening to mainstream media’s “agenda” news last fall, when their smear campaign against the honourable Stephen Harper resulted in “their guy” Justin Trudeau winning the election 😛 From now on, I’ll think and do the opposite of whatever mainstream media thinks is a good idea/candidate.
    Above all, I pray that God’s will be done! 🙂 ♥ ❤

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog and all the great comments. I love your insights as well. Your comment about the mainstream media reminded me of the childhood song “Oh, be careful little ears what you hear!” It is surely that day and time when we must be careful what we see and listen to. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly House Guest, that leads us into all truth. If you didn’t see my one (1) short story (In the Short Stories category) you might enjoy it. God continues to pull my heart in that direction….to discover Him and submit my life to His leadership. God bless you and thanks again for commenting on my blog. ~ Janie

      1. Thanks Janie 🙂 Indeed, little and big ears alike need to be careful what we hear… and also what we repeat! I like the term “Heavenly House Guest” and will check-out your short story 🙂 ♥ ❤

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