I Need More Sunshine ~ So They Say

After a recent surgery, I was caught off guard by the aftermath that followed—mood swings, disagreeableness, and depression. Even I didn’t like me. I told my doctor in hopes that he would increase my hormone replacement medication. After all, they say that after a hysterectomy every woman deals with these same issues. Why had I thought I was exempt?


I was also caught off guard by my doctor’s response: “Not a hormone problem. You’re already taking twice the amount needed for a woman your age. Actually, you are experiencing anxiety. As you grow older, your brain doesn’t produce as much serotonin as you need, which results in anxiety and depression. The good news is that there are a lot of great medications out there to help with this condition.”


Grrrrrr….too many words woven in that I didn’t want to hear: A woman your age… growing older…body not working…medications…this condition. Just the thought of it is depressing.


As is my habit, I usually take a look at any natural means to treat whatever ails me. I know it will take some time to research, ask questions, and then decide if any of it might be a solution for me. Natural remedies work that way—they take time.


I found several good resources and was surprised to learn that some mild forms of anxiety can be relieved with diet, exercise, and sunshine! That’s right—good ole Vitamin D. Could it be that stepping outside and soaking up some of God’s natural light might help my personal anxiety issues? Might be worth a try!


As I think of the increasingly toxic culture we live in—cell phones glued to our ears, non-stop social media, 24-hour news, high-stress jobs, beat-the-band-activities, and the fast food syndrome—we are probably all in a heap of trouble. There’s little time or place for sunshine. Is it any wonder that research indicates anxiety is on the rise with 40 million Americans over the age of 18 affected by it?


And thanks to all the amazing new technology and media craze, we are now divided into many people groups. We’re afraid to comment about anything for fear someone close to us will be on the other side. We participate in the “Us and Them” mentality—on one issue we may be with the “Us’s” only to find ourselves with the “Them’s” on the next one. God help us!


Jesus said that He was the Light of the World, and oh how our world could use more Sonshine right now. If anyone can shed light into our dark places, surely it is Jesus. Could it be that stepping outside of our crazy-busy routines and soaking in the Savior’s presence might help our shared anxiety issues? This too might be worth a try.


Since they say I need more sunshine, I’m going to do my best to get it. Simple enough, don’t you think? It’s free for the taking, and God says I can have all I’m willing to absorb. Come to think of it—I think I’ll switch off the TV, disconnect from Facebook, silence the cell phone, grab an apple, and go for a walk. Just maybe I’ll manage to take in some sunshine and some Sonshine. This is definitely worth a try!


Hope you’ll make the time to do the same. Blessings to all ~ Janie Kellogg

5 thoughts on “I Need More Sunshine ~ So They Say”

  1. That’s really an interesting post. I’m going to read it again, maybe several times. I’ve been asking God to help me eliminate anxiety in my life. I think that once you’re aware of it, that helps. Some mornings on my way to school, I watch my thoughts and then I realize, oh wow, that’s anxiety. I have subscribed to a podcast where different people read the Scriptures through in one year. I really like it and it helps me to get focused on reality in the morning. Reminding myself that God has everything in control sheds a lot of sunlight on the situation! Perhaps now that spring is here, getting out in the garden will get some natural sunlight on the situation as well! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comments on my “anxiety” post. I will be writing about this for several posts, mostly because God has used this event to show me many things I didn’t know before. He never wastes anything….including a lesson or two in how to manage anxiety. He is so good and faithful to find us no matter where we are in life and meet our needs right there. I will look forward to any feedback you have to share with me. We’re all learners in His school of transformation into the image of His dear Son. Blessings to you, today!

  2. Wonderful thoughts, Janie! All of them so true! Making changes in my physical diet as well as my spiritual diet. Thank you for always speaking your heart ❤️.

    1. Thank you, April, for your kind words. Changes are hard, but they are also rewarding. I work at it non-stop and think I probably will for the rest of my life. I believe that’s what Paul meant when he said, “Walk circumspectly” and “Endure to the end!” Love you, sweet friend.

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