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God Wants to Meet with ME! Really?

It has been a lifelong journey for me to realize that God actually wants to meet with me. After all, isn’t it true that He sits on a golden throne somewhere up in the sky and runs the world? What interest would He have in meeting with a simple nobody like me?

Since the fall in the Garden of Eden, mankind has been laden with guilt and shame. Adam and Eve transformed from being God’s BFFs (best friends forever) to cowardly, disgraced creatures attempting to hide behind flimsy foliage. But even that didn’t work—God came looking for them. Naturally, we think to punish them.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! He came looking for them so He could fellowship with them, talk to them, to discuss how things were going with their responsibilities as overseers of His creation. Adam was top-dog, you know, head-supervisor of God’s world. It’s easy to understand that he and God had much to collaborate about while on their morning coffee break.

Ever wonder why we automatically assume God wants to find us so He can punish us? Ever think that perhaps it is the enemy of our souls who plants such discouraging, off-the-wall thoughts in our hearts without any proof whatsoever?

Just for the sake of doing something different today, think about the far-out idea that God wants to meet with YOU because it brings HIM pleasure! Now that’s a stretch for us long-time traditionalists.

I believe that we will never enter the secret place unless we are willing to accept the truth that God greatly desires to meet with us. And He wants to do so because it not only brings enjoyment to us, but to Him as well. Stretch yourself and consider this: the CEO of the Universe longs for an audience with YOU today!

It’s true. Dare to believe it. ~ Janie Kellogg

Small footprint Key concept: We will never enter the secret place unless we are willing to accept the truth that God wants to meet with us because it brings HIM pleasure!

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Footprints ~ Pointing the Way

While I have heard the call of God to write something and have struggled with what I am supposed to write, one thing is clear: I do know what not to write.

As I slowly unearthed the secret place secrets discovered by the great Hall-of-Faith Heroes over the past 500 years, I readily knew that anything I attempted to write would be a do-over—it simply has already been written. Who could touch the poetic beauty of Amy Carmichael, the eloquent style of Oswald Chambers, or the theological brilliance of Andrew Murray? Certainly not me!

I am the first to admit that I have neither the historical knowledge nor the theological background to make the point, define the logic, or explain the argument of what scripture means by the term “the secret place.” God always equips us for what He calls us to do, and I am surely not equipped for that task.

A few months ago, as I was whining about my lack of ability to write such important information, God simply said: “Point the way.” That made sense. I might actually be able to do that—point you to the works of many great writers who certainly did/do have the qualifications to write such information.

Since Jesus’ assignment to the first-century disciples in Acts 1:8 was to testify of what they had seen and heard and knew by experience, I will also share with you my experiences in finding the secret place. I am equally sure that you have some to share with me.

In the meantime, may we never forget our high calling to be His witnesses, especially to those we meet today. And don’t forget to watch for those footprints pointing the way! ~ Janie Kellogg

Small footprint Key Scripture: “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20

Just enough light for the step I’m on

Many years ago I heard a speaker say, “If you’re not journaling, start now!” I took her advice and I have never regretted one of the 26 red spiral-bound 6”x9” notebooks that I have used up journaling. And, I have no plans to stop. Ever.

I told my children that if my house catches on fire, I won’t risk my life rescuing the family photos—it will be my journals that I go in to get!

They are filled with life—my spiritual life! I have never done the “Dear Diary” thing and never plan to. But I do document what God speaks to my heart as we walk together in this Father-daughter relationship.

My journals are filled with the treasures I have taken the time to capture with pen and ink. They are priceless to me—my very own words of encouragement, correction, and love messages from my Heavenly Parent! And, they are my memory that won’t fail as I grow older.

Within these journals I have recorded the key concepts that were revealed to me as I journeyed to the secret place. I can trace God’s hand leading me one step at a time. He opened my understanding and then enabled me to take the next step.

I love the song by Stormie O’Martin, “Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On.” That’s the story in my journals—God giving me just enough light to make the next step—not the ones for next week, or next month, or next year.

So, if you’re not journaling, I hope you start now! As we move forward, I will identify the key concepts, scriptures, and quotes for you. I like to call them footprints. I am so grateful to the writers who left some footprints along their path for me. Check out the one below. ~ Janie Kellogg

Small footprintKey Concept: As I journey to the secret place, God gives me just enough light for the step I’m on.