Out with the Old ~ In with the New

It’s happening again—one year ends and another begins. Aren’t we glad it does? Whether it is cleaning closets or rearranging the priorities in my life, I like the feel of new beginnings. The Bible says that when we are born again of the Spirit, old things are passed away, and behold, all things become new.1

I like God’s behold—it means heads up! Take notice! Observe! Look right here! He often uses behold to get our attention when He has something important to say to us. In this verse, God is telling us that the time of the old fleshly man ruling over our lives is passing away, and the new life of Christ reigning in us is here.

What an encouraging word to those of us who are slow learners—out with the old selfish me and in with the new spiritual me! I’ve lived long enough to know that this doesn’t happen overnight, but praise God it was set into motion at the very moment I trusted in Jesus to save me from my sin.

My friend, our old self is in the process of being dethroned while our new spirit man is being groomed to take over. We are even now being shaped and formed to be just like Jesus, full of the Spirit and fully obedient to the Father. If it feels like a power struggle, it is. No doubt, our old self will fight and scream as he is being cast out, but he is condemned and death is his destiny. Our new life in Christ is coming in and growing just like Baby Jesus grew in grace and truth. Someday He will fully reign in us. That is our God-given right and our God-given destiny—for Christ to be formed in us.2 What a glorious, breathtaking thought!

As you celebrate the coming in of this new year of 2015, rejoice in what God has already done in your life, and by all means, look forward to what He is going to do in the coming year. Thank Him for every new glimpse of His glory that He has allowed you to see; for every new truth of His Word that He has opened up to your understanding; and every new level of faith along this journey that He has helped you reach. Those, my friends, are the true riches of His Kingdom that He is sharing with you.

Since God is always, always, always giving good and perfect gifts to His children, then behold, a new year means new riches of God coming your way! Thank Him for them; look for them; and embrace them when they come.

Wishing each of you a very Happy New Year! ~ Janie Kellogg


12 Corinthians 5:17; 2Galatians 4:19

4 thoughts on “Out with the Old ~ In with the New”

  1. After reading this blog I can easily agree and adhere to it. The problem is sticking with it. but I do agree. GOD has blessed me more than most could comprehend. I often speak of material and monetary things in my life, maybe due to the fact I not only do not deserve what GOD has done for me, but statistically impossible. THAT IS WHY I KNOW ITS OF GOD. I do love GOD and I do want to do his will. This blog has my wheels turning.

    1. Thanks, Randall, for the great comment. One of the goals for my blog is to start the wheels turning—since most of us are locked into to what we’ve always thought about things—especially religious things. Also, we are all blessed more than we deserve. Blessings to you ~ Janie

  2. Sometimes the riches of God may not look like anything of value to us, at least to our natural eyes. He may see that we need more kindness in our nature and so He puts us into situations where we must show ourselves kind. He may even put us into situations where others are not kind to us so that we know how it feels. In the end we are truly and richly blessed with a kinder nature. Good thing God doesn’t look on things in the same way that we do.

    1. Love your comment. It is so true…..we don’t see things the same way God does. We are so blessed that He is always transforming us and shaping us into the image of His dear Son. That’s the newness that I hope for, coming through trials and tests, and just life in general, looking more like my Savior. I appreciate you reading and liking my blog posts each week. As with any writer, it is encouraging to receive feedback. Thank you, and God bless you in your writing as well.

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