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Where Was God?

[In memory of September 11, 2001, I am posting a poem that I wrote a few days after the most horrific attack ever on American soil. I think the words of my poem will bring back many of the emotions we all felt that dreadful day. May we never forget.]


Where was God? The skeptics asked

Amid the terror, amid the blast

Does He not see? Does He not care?

Make no mistake, God was there.


Aboard hijacked planes, a flying bomb

Fearful hearts embraced a calm

Of final fate left unaware

Make no mistake, God was there.


Horrors unlike the world had known

Such evil men, such hatred shown

Lives were lost, still more were spared

Make no mistake, God was there.


Heroes rushed to help a brother

Sacrificing life to save another

The labels gone we used to wear

Make no mistake, God was there.


Smoke poured forth from towers tall

In disbelief we watched them fall

While evil thought our soul lay bare

Make no mistake, God was there.


What once was grand, was no more

Two cities scarred, resembling war

Compassion felt beyond compare

Make no mistake, God was there.


Another scheme of intended crime

Ill-fated flight, but not this time

Brave men fought back with courage rare

Make no mistake, God was there.


An historic day, unmatched, unseen

A plan too cruel, a plot too keen

Fanned freedom’s fires most everywhere

Make no mistake, God was there.


Time stood still those long dark days

On bended knee a nation prays

Our strength sustained the pain we shared

Make no mistake, God was there.


Devastation hurled, but we’re not crushed

We still proclaim “In God we trust”

Our hope renewed despite despair

Make no mistake, God was there.


Our leaders strong, our spirits high

With pride Old Glory adorns the sky

Our faith revived, our walls repaired

Make no mistake, God was there.


Our foes we’ll find and justice bring

Again we fight to let freedom ring

When victory’s won we will declare

Make no mistake, God was there.


~ Janie Kellogg, September 2001

Just an Earthen Vessel ~ a poem

Just an earthen vessel
Made of common clay.
Seemingly no value,
Nor beauty to display.

Youthful years have vanished
Like the morning dew.
Dreams shattered—visions gone;
No purpose left in view.

A vessel marred within, without;
Cracked and weathered from abuse.
Set aside to be discarded,
Of no apparent use.

Yet in His time the Master came
And held this vessel in His hand.
He had made it for a purpose
That would fit into His plan.

He looked on with great delight
At its grace and at its charm.
For the pain that wrought such beauty
Caused the Master no alarm.

With His power He filled this vessel,
Then placed a rose within.
Soon it began to grow and bloom,
Bringing glory unto Him.

“This is a vessel of honor,”
The Master clearly stated,
“When it fulfills the purpose
For which it was created.”

“I have a plan for every vessel,”
Hear the Master say.
“That the power of My Spirit
Fills each vessel made of clay.”

We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the power may be of God and not of us. 2 Corinthians 4:7 ~ Janie Kellogg

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