Breathing in Grace

The words of Matt Redman’s song “Your Grace Finds Me” are stuck on replay in my head: “I’ll be breathing in Your grace | and breathing out Your praise | breathing in Your grace | forever.”


For the past week, I have been breathing in God’s grace. Life has been difficult to say the least. There are some circumstances that scream for grace—divine influence upon the heart. I am so grateful it is available, abundant and free. It is mine for the asking.


Just this week my six-year-old granddaughter, Kalei, told me that she had found her name in her new Bible. “I found it three times,” she declared as if I didn’t believe her. I was a bit leery not recalling K-A-L-E-I in the Bible, but then I remembered that her middle name is “GRACE.” I assured her that her name is indeed found many times in the Bible.


And it is! Noah found grace. He gives us more grace. By the grace of God I am what I am. From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace. He who came from the Father was full of grace. Great grace was upon them all. Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. By grace you are saved.1 Need I go on?


God’s Word is full of grace—and so is God!


Grace has been described as God’s unmerited favor—that which I don’t deserve. And that is what I have been breathing in all week.


I don’t deserve that He would rescue me from myself. (I take in a breath of grace.)

I don’t deserve to be called His child when I don’t act like one. (Another breath of grace required.)

I don’t deserve that He would be patient with me who is so impatient. (Yet more grace needed.)

I don’t deserve to feel His love when I have been unlovable. (Breathing deeper for still more grace.)

I don’t deserve to be pardoned when I have judged another. (Now I’m gasping for grace.)

I truly don’t deserve His grace, but I have it anyway. (How can this be: grace upon grace!)


As one who knows and recognizes her neediness before God, I gladly breathe in His grace.


It soothes a weary soul with His presence.

It calms nerves stretched to breaking.

It cradles faith that buckled underneath the load.

It sets feet upright that didn’t stay on top of the water.

It refocuses eyes on Him that were fixed on circumstances.

It strengthens weak knees and hands that hung down.

It renews a mind that is drained from the ongoing attacks.

It refreshes a heart that fainted instead of praying.

It rekindles love for the One who never quits loving.


That, my friend, is breathing in grace. With every breath, grace fills the emptiness of this clay pot with God Himself. God and grace go together. When we find we have grace, we find we have God.


Breathing is a two-fold process—it takes in and it expels out. Grace in, praise out is what the song says. There are so many reasons to praise the Supplier of grace. What could be as natural as praising on the flip side of inhaling? Inhale a breath of grace—and exhale a breath of praise. It makes perfect sense!


So now we know—a natural breathing exercise for the child of God: grace in—praise out; grace in—praise out; grace in—praise out.


We must not forget the word: forever. Not just this week when I so desperately needed it, but next week too, and the next. And next month. And next year. And forever, “I’ll be breathing in Your grace, and breathing out Your praise, breathing in Your grace, forever, forever!”


Need some grace today? Why not give it a try and then just keep breathing! ~ Janie Kellogg



1Genesis 6:8; James 4:7; I Cor. 15:10; John 1:16; John 1:14; Acts 4:33; Romans 5:20; Ephesians 2:8

7 thoughts on “Breathing in Grace”

  1. When God gave us grace He already knew beforehand that we had impatience, selfishness, angry
    thoughts, etc., etc. And He still chose to give us His grace! He didn’t have to. He would have still
    been Holy even if He refused us. He is so worthy of our praise and adoration! Who has a God like
    our God!! None
    Love your words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing with me.

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Miss Cheryl! It is so true….Who has a God like our God? NONE!!! We are blessed beyond measure. Love you and Frank. Thanks for the books at Christmas time!

  2. I so love that song and the powerful word play to do that as we inhale and exhale! Things are going so much better as I continue to be stretched and have my jaw dropped every day in my quiet time. Your words were like healing balm upon my heart and soul to refresh me. Thank you for this reminder. I know many who need this reminder!!! So I shall pass on your words of wisdom and let His grace fall afresh on me and those in my little world! You are a treasure that I find so rare in this world today! Blessed beyond to have had you grace my path!! May He fill the many different gloves you put on each day and that His Holy Spirit would be full to the brim and running over! You are so loved! Bless you for the time you give to encourage so many hearts!

    Love you the MOSTEREST! Rom 12:1-2 Carla Young


    1. Thank you, Carla, for those kind words. You blessed my heart. You are why I do what I do. My heart’s desire is to minister to hurting people wherever they are and however few they be. I want the healing balm of His love and grace to be spread all over the world. Your kind heart is cherished by many, my sweet friend. God bless you as your own healing takes place. Love you girl.

  3. I think of how much I love my children and grandchildren and the grace I have for them and God loves us so much more so he gives us a lot of grace.

    1. Great analogy, Eugenia! It is so true that we can recognize the grace we have for those we love and relate it to how our Heavenly Father loves and gives us His grace! Aren’t these little ones so precious and the joy of our lives. What an awesome revelation to know our Father feels the same way about us—His little ones. Thanks for sharing that with all of us.

  4. Thank you, Janie. Those words were just the “soothing ointment” needed for my soul. Thank you for being a vessel for His Spirit to speak through. You are truly a blessing. Keep on sharing Life! Love you bunches!

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